The town of Westerstede

County seat of the county Ammerland


Westerstede is located in an action area “Joint Agreement for the Improvement of Regional Economic Structures (GA)“. This law indicates, that companies grant public benefits if they want to establish their business in an action area. Furthermore they grant benefits for small as well as middle-sized companies when these achieve or establish jobs.

A developed industrial estate as well as the very close located A28 motorway junctions  Westerstede and Westerstede West  make Westerstede to an attractive location for establishing new businesses.

Trade and Commerce

are presented by performance-orientated companies.

Registered commercial companies in total 1.725
Manufacturing companies24
Handicraft businesses 254
Wholesale and retail companies428
Insurance agents142
Hotels and Gastronomy72
Other commercial businesses805


Full supply with water, power and gas in the whole county.
Water: Oldenburgian, Eastfrisian water board (OOWV  Wasserwerk, Burgstraße 14, 26655 Westerstede, Tel.: 04488 2635
Power: Energy supply Weser Ems  
Gas: Zum Stadtpark 2, Westerstede, Tel.: 04488 570

Disposal of Waste

Sewerage in Westerstede, Halsbek, Halstrup, Hoheliet, Hollriede, Hollwege, Hüllstede, Ihausen, Ihorst, Lindern, Linswege, Mansie, Moorburg, Ocholt, Ollenharde, Seggern, Tarbarg, Torsholt, Westerloy und Westerstederfeld. There is a 81 km long canalisation in the open air ground. 116 km penstock, 1 wastewater treatment plant and 36 pumping stations.

Road Network

Overall length of road networkca 520 km
Including motorway 13.0 km
Country road  39.6 km
District road64.7 km
Township roads 311.0 km
Bicycle lanes in total90.0 km
City centre, pedestrian area 6.600 m2

6 Large parking areas close to the pedestrian area with 609 parking spaces

Sports Facilities – Recreational Facilities


Including large outdoor installation, 3 fields with flood lightning, 400 m synthetic path (6 lanes) as well as all facilities which are necessary for athletic sports
1 skater area, 
1 Tennis court including indoor tennis court
1 Gym
1 Beach soccer field                     
1 large gym  
1 Fitness gym
3 fields for beach volleyball 
Facilities for street- and basketball 
A small football field 
1 climbing wall
1 indoor swimming pool as well as outdoor swimming pool with heated lanes including diving platform, water slide as well as a baby swim area.
1 college of physical education
(handicapped accessible) 28 beds
1 Hostel 68 beds

Also you can find in the city centre:

6 gyms from which two are large gyms 
15 sports fields
4 shooting galleries 
1 Place for Boule area 
55 public playing fields 
2 Tennis courts     
120 km hiking paths 
1 Indoor tennis court 
Holiday centre Karlshof incl. swimming lake
3 Indoor riding spaces
1 library  


442 beds in hotels 
211 private guest houses, holiday residences and holiday flats, farms and horse riding centre  
142 beds in the hostel 
1 camping area with 50 parking spaces, 50 Caravan parking spaces incl. power supply

Places of Interest

St. Petri church (1123), tower, altar, pipe organ, murals, tomb slab Water mill Howiek , open air theater,  stage area, barbeque area  Rhododendrons park in the district Linswege 70 ha and Cafè Turmcafé (in the past it was the water tower)/ beekeeping “Bienenhof Ammerland”, Hollriede, “Mühlenhof” (Ammerländer farmhouse with restaurant) Castle square Mansingen / Möhlenbült (small wood lake, close to Mansie) Burgforde Old castle square /Friesendenkmal (1457), Fikensholterfeld/Mansie Garden of the seasons 

Fire Brigade

Voluntary fire brigade (465  members) as well as 3 youth fire brigades (71 members) located in Westerstede, Garnhold, Halsbek, Hollriede, Hollwege, Linswege, Ocholt, Torsholt und Westerloy – 17 fire engines 

Welfare and Health Care

Hospital centre Westerstede

Ammerland Klinik, 343 beds
Military hospital 123 beds (4 departments, 9 specialist departments)

Practising Doctors 

General practitioner5 practices14 doctors
Medical specialist 18 practices25 doctors
Dentist9 practices14 doctors
Veterinary  5 practices6 doctors

6 Chemists 
12 Alternative Practitioners 
1 Nursing home: 262 places
9 Kindergarten: 640 places
8 Nursery schools: 184 places
1 Children's house 
1 Welfare centre
1 youth center
1 curative educational center Ammerland: 78 places
1 learning- and educational assistance Ihorst-Torsholt

Including the districts Burgforde, Eggeloge, Eggelogerfeld, Felde, Fikensolt, Fikensolterfeld, Garnholt, Gießelhorst, Goelriehenfeld, Grafenfeld, Haarfurth, Halsbek, Halstrup, Hoheliet, Hollriede, Hollwege, Hollwegerfeld, Howiek, Howiekerfeld, Hüllstede, Hüllstederdiele, Hüllstederfeld, Ihausen, Ihorst, Jührdenerfeld, Karlshof, Kielburg, Klamperesch, Lindern, Lindernerfeld, Linswege, Linswegerfeld, Mansie, Moorburg, Neuengland, Ocholt, Ocholterfeld, Ollenharde, Petersfeld, Seggern, Stellhorn, Südholt, Tarbarg, Torsholt, Voßbarg, Westerloy, Westerloyerfeld, Westerstederfeld

First historical mention: 1123
Receiving of Municipal Law: 28th May 1977

Seats of Public Authorities 

Ammerl. Landvolkverband, Ammerl. Wasseracht, civil court, Federation of German nurseries Weser-Ems, Tax Authority, Health Authoriy Land registry office, Administrative District Criminal Investigation   Department   LVA-informationcentre Post office, Police Ammerland, Vet. Authority

Municipal Area

Length of border67 km
Surface (Ausdehnung)17.920 ha
Incl.Agriculture cultivated area13.824 ha
Forrest area2.142 ha
Water area174 ha
Park areas65 ha
Sport areas38 ha
Covered areas1.280 ha
Industrial areasca. 195 ha
Areas for landscape protectionca. 1.085 ha


German Federal Railway: Oldenburg - Westerstede (Ocholt) - Leer (Nr. 390)


Direction Osnabrück A 1 (Hansalinie) to Ahlhorner Kreuz, Oldenburg (A 29), direction Emden/Leer (A 28) – departure direction Westerstede.

Direction Hamburg BAB  A 1 to Delmenhorst-Ost, Oldenburg (A 28),  Direction Emden/Leer (A 28) - Departure Westerstede. Direction Leer A 28 – departure Westerstede and Westerstede-West.

Bus: From Oldenburg, Bad Zwischenahn, Apen, Augustfehn, Barßel, Friesoythe, Remels, Leer, Bockhorn und Zetel.

Airfield: Westerstede, district of Felde

Next airport: Bremen

Officially appointed Agent

(Local Election from 11.09.2016)

Voter in total11.882
Valid votes 31.623100.00 %
These votes allotted to:CDU 12.31838,95 %
SPD7.24422,90 %
UWG4.74615,00 %
FDP3.53811,18 %
Grüne3.20110,12 %
Seats in total:34
These seats alotted to: CDU13

Governing Mayor: Michael Rösner (UWG)
Deputy Mayor: Heino Neumann (CDU)
Deputy Mayor: Lars Schmidt-Berg (CDU)
Deputy Mayor: Markus Schneider (CDU)

Chairman of the council: Claudia Beeken (CDU)
1. Deputy chairman of the coucil: Uwe Hamjediers (SPD)
2. Deputy chairman of the council: Egon Harms (FDP)

Party chairmen:

Lars Schmidt-Berg
FDPJürgen Drieling
SPDFrank Lukoschus
UWGHermann Nee
GRÜNEEsther Welter

Administration Office :

Governing Mayor: Michael Rösner
General representation: Hilke Hinrichs 
Service Building: Telephone: (04488) 55-0, Fax: (04488) 5555
Homepage: www.westerstede.de
Email: info@westerstede.de

Am Markt 2:
Department I, Head office and finance:
Mayor office, main Office, Office of Finance

Department III, Construction, urban development and business
Building Department, Office for Real Estate, Economic Promotion and marketing, tourism

Auf der Lohe 8:
Department II, Education and social affairs:
Office for Labour and Social Affairs, Office for Education and Life

Urban Budget

Tax RevenueOutgoes
Profit and Loss Budget38.065.600 €
41.401.00 €
6.548.100 €

Tax Revenues, Sources of income, Taxes,  Operating Revenues 

Land Tax 410.000 €
Property Tax2.853.800 €
Trade Tax13.500.000 €
Community Share Hurry at the Income Tax7.519.000 €
Community Share of Sales Tax1.100.000 €
Entertainment Tax270.000 €
Dog License Fee92.000 €
Concession Fees 780.100 €
Management Fees175.200 €
Tolls and Similar Charges4.888.500 €
Grants and General Charges1.935.200 €

Property/Business Tax

Real Estate Tax A315 v.H.
Real Estate Tax B325 v.H.
Trade Tax340 v.H.

Profit and Loss Budget 

Headquarters and Finance19.428.300 €
Education and Social Affairs15.421.100 €
Construction, urban development and business6.551.600 €

Number of inhabitants 



Population Density:126,63 population/km2
Households:ca. 8.600


Protestant58.05 %
Catholic8,03 %
Other/without confession33,92 %

Age Structure:

up to 15 years15,15 %
16 - 25 years11.96 %
26 - 45 years23.29 %
46 - 60 years 23.80 %
61 years and older25.80 %


7.757 employees
Agriculture (including horticulture)    8.93 %
Manufactoring employees    29,06 %
Whole- and retail Sale    21.89 %
Others/Public service    40.12 %

(up to date 2016)

Civil Union-
Cases of Death969


(up to date  01.09.2016)
6 Primary School with 851 pupils
1 high school with 852
1 Grammar School with 1.191 pupils
1 School for mentally handicapped children with 84 pupils
Music School Ammerland
Adult Education Centre Ammerland
Professional School for nursing 
DEULA – German Acadamy for Agriculture Technology